Giveaway 2014

Over 10,000 in prizes will be awarded. Check out some of them below.


Giveaway Provided by Donna Cravotta (Donna is also an event sponsor, read more about her here)

Total Social PR System description (
The Total Social PR System™ is a 12 module system that combines Social Media and PR in a very strategic way. This 6 month step-by-step, customizable program will empower you to…

  • Amplify your voice – by helping you identify the right audience and where you can find them online to share your incredible solutions.
  • Find your audience – by connecting you with hundreds, even thousands of ideal clients and media that you didn’t even know existed.
  • Find your main platform – by figuring out which platform you should be focusing on. (You don’t want to be spending all your time on Twitter if your ideal clients are mostly on LinkedIn.)
  • Create new relationships – by helping you find power players in your niche that can open new opportunities in your market.
  • Create exposure as an expert – by getting ongoing publicity online, in your local area and/or in your industry so your market keeps “hearing about you.”
  • Create a system – avoid frustration because for each activity you’ll have a plan that encompasses exactly what, how, when and even why. (This will allow you to have a coffer full of content and easily delegate tasks to team members.)

The program has over 100 members that are experiencing tremendous results. They are building their social media presence in a targeted way, landing media, building valuable relationships, growing their businesses and supporting each other. Most importantly, they are building SEO, Social Media and PR strategies into their businesses. This increases the value of their business, their team and creates a powerful foundation for growth that they manage on their own without the need to invest in costly outside consultants and services.

Members have gotten themselves on TV, print media, radio shows, podcasts, speaking engagements and more. We have also had award winners and Amazon bestsellers.  The possibilities are endless….


Teri Goetz logo

Giveaway Provided by Teri Goetz (Teri is also an event sponsor, read more about her here)

Private coaching session with Teri Goetz
Teri Goetz, AAC, MS, LAc to help you start on the road to identifying your true purpose. Teri  helps women identify, clarify and strategize their contribution to the planet. She is a business and life visionary and mentor to women. 

Value $500



Giveaway Provided by Patty Lennon

Crowdfund with Ease Signature System:
Crowdfunding allows a large number of people to finance an idea through small individual contributions. By harnessing the power of collective energy, crowdfunding can get a project off the ground and in the public eye with astounding speed and success if its done the right way. In Patty Lennon’s Crowdfund with Ease program, she’ll share the direct route for projects to move from concept to reality. This program teaches how to budget for success, set financial goals, develop rewards, create the campaign page, present the campaign video, organize content, engage supporters, promote the project and get the most out of your campaign.  If you have a big dream but don’t have the money to finance it crowdfunding is the answer to that dream!

Value $1000



Giveaway Provided by Laura Campbell

The Art of Letting Go program: 

2 spots in my new The Art of Letting Go program and especially for these two women and for the conference, I will add a special private session to my package!

Value is $450 each.
The Art of Letting Go can be found at
This new program, The Art of Letting Go: When Smart, Sophisticated and Sexy Women Choose to Prepare for what comes NEXT, was created for women who have somehow lost sight of who they are.  It is for women who know, in the place of full wisdom, that there is a better, more authentic version of themselves waiting to emerge, but they have to stop being what everyone else around them wants in order to find her.  It is a beautiful, gentle and powerful process for letting go of what was, what has always been, in preparation for what will be.



Giveaway Provided by Angela Lauria

(With individual and group coaching support)
Free Your Inner Author gives you everything you need to make real, fun, fast progress with your book. When you complete this program, you will know exactly how to move forward, which steps to take and when to take them, and your frustration, self-doubt, and procrastination will disappear as a result. Not only do you get a 6 classes with bite size homework assignments to get you on track and keep you there, you will also get up to 3 private coaching sessions with me where you will watch your book come to life before your eyes. And you will be part of a community that is as committed to making a difference in the world as you are to remind you why you need to finish your book and help people. You’ll be able to listen to the classes and complete the workbook over and over again for difference book projects you may want to do in the future because what you are getting goes beyond the training classes, coaching and the community.

$100 Amazon gift card to spend on books that make your inner author sing.

Value $597


Giveaway Provided by Payson Cooper

The Marketing in the Morning program:

Do you KNOW you’re marketing could be better? Are you wondering how you can stay true to who YOU ARE and still market your business effectively?

Are you looking for the easy step-by-step tips & techniques you can just plug in and start getting more clients?

Then, the Marketing in the Morning System could be just right for you.

Here’s a little bit of what you get:

  • Create a financial plan that lets you know exactly what you want and don’t want, so you know EXACTLY what you need to do to get what you want.
  • Learn the secrets of target & niche marketing, making your marketing easier and easier.
  • Attract your perfect people by learning to create awesome marketing systems that work (and how to track & measure them to know if they’re working).
  • Create a marketing plan and a marketing calendar that support you in creating the income (and lifestyle) you really want.
  • Learn how you can charge what your worth and have plenty of clients will and happy to work with you.
  • Freedom from the stress and overwhelm that comes from not knowing what to do and what works (and what doesn’t).
  • And much more.

It’s delivered in 6 home-study modules that you go through at your own pace. Plus, as a bonus, you get access to previous Q&A calls where we dig deeper into several topics and you can hear specific case studies of how to apply the material to businesses like yours.

And, as an extra bonus, you will get a 30 minute consult with Payson Cooper, the creator of the Marketing in the Morning System where she will help you create marketing that draws clients like bees to honey.

Click here for more details:

 Value $495


Giveaway Provided by Nancy Guberti, M.S. C.N.

Anthropologie Ceramic Mug with 12 herbal tea bags, Throne Research Stress B-Complex 60 vegetarian capsules,
Redmond Clay mask samples, Sea salt travel size, 12 Steps to Healthy Living printout,  Mercury Levels in Fish credit card size info card.

Value $42



Giveaway provided by Angela Jia Kim (keynote speaker)

Matching and 90-day membership in the Savor Success Circles

Studies show you are 76% more likely to succeed if you write a goal down, share it with people, and are held accountable. When there isn’t the support or accountability, we give up, forget our dreams, and are often too busy to
get what we want out of life.

Now, we’ve got your back. No more letting go of your business and life dreams.

Savor Success Circles are a pod of 4 women matched together based on chemistry and revenue. Together they take a journey to hold each other accountable and accomplish life-changing goals. The philosophy of Savor Circles is similar to a tennis club: in order to improve your game you must play with teammates that can hit the ball back hard (if not harder) so you can grow.

In Savor Circles, you’ll make high-level connections with Savor Sisters from around the world, have the opportunity for PR opportunities in Savor Magazine, Lunch + Learns and more, plus learn to work as a team and be a
leader as you hold each other accountable to achieve your dreams.

Value $594



Giveaway provided by Lucy & Leo

The Lucy & Leo door prize includes The Classic Short Sleeve Organic  Bodysuit (size 3-6m), The Organic Denim Pocket Pant(size 3-6m), Baby Dust( a talc free powder great for sensitive tushies, Sniffle Salve( a menthol free vapor rub,  for little ones experiencing the sniffles), and Hand Cleanser (essential oils protect against germs). The clothing is 100% certified organic cotton and made in NY. All skincare products are handmade with all natural products in NJ. This is the perfect basket of necessities for a new mom or expecting mom.

Value $158


***and our list of prizes is growing every day – check back to see what is added!***