Why will a mom invest in her children faster than herself?

Why will a mom invest in her children faster than herself?

IceSkates ImageYesterday at my daughter’s ice skating lesson the instructor told me I should invest in a pair of used skates for my daughter. I had held off buying skates to make sure my daughter was really committed.

But he said the words that turn any parent’s heart inside out: “Your daughter shows real promise.”

So, of course, off I trotted to our local sports equipment store to find a pair of used skates.  I had expected to pay $60 or $70. They were only $29. Had I known that was the price tag, I probably would have just grabbed them when she started.

My thought was: “What is $29 when it comes to my child’s success and fulfillment?”

Then something struck me on my way home.  $29 was exactly how much it cost me to print out my first set of business cards. And that purchase I debated for weeks.

When I finally handed over the money for those business cards, I didn’t even get excited.  I hadn’t made any money in my business and I felt like I was doing something wrong –spending money I hadn’t yet earned.

Back then I didn’t understand the difference between spending money and investing in my business.

Luckily, over time I learned how to strategically invest in my business to help it grow.  At times I still have to invest money in parts of the business that are not producing revenue. I know that if I want to grow future revenue, I have to invest today.

I work with women every week who resist investing in their businesses. Usually the explanation is that they are waiting for some future level of success that will justify the investment.

But you can’t create success in the future without investing in the now.

Do you struggle with investing in yourself or your business?

What if it wasn’t your business you were investing in? What if it was your child?  Would you struggle as much?

Why have we trained ourselves to give everything to create happiness for our kids, but we can’t do the same for our own success- a success that will not only enhance our lives but also our children’s lives?

Women-owned businesses make 25% of the revenue our male counterparts make.  When the U.S. government studied us to find out why, the #2 reason is that we don’t invest in our businesses.

The #1 reason is that we don’t have mentors that will show us how.

That is why I launched the Mom Grows A Business Conference.  During this powerful one-day event, you will hear from speakers who have grown their businesses beyond a million dollars and more, while raising kids and making smart decisions in their futures.

You will receive the mentorship every woman needs as she is growing her business and learn how to invest in your business without fear and with confidence.

If you’d like to learn more about the Mom Grows A Business Conference or to purchase a ticket click HERE.

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