Founder's Message

PattyWhen I launched my first business four years ago, I immediately immersed myself in the world of entrepreneurship. I subscribed to every entrepreneur magazine out there. I listened to every teleclass I could get my hands on. I attended conferences that left me feeling like I could take on the world….

But that feeling soon morphed into total and complete overwhelm. I couldn’t keep up with everything I “should” do to be successful. I was sitting in a hotel conference room listening to a celebrity entrepreneur tell me to “go hard or go home” when a sickening thought hit me:

Maybe I can’t be successful AND be the kind of human being I want to be!

You see when I launched my business I had this crazy idea that I could be successful AND be there for my kids. 

But everything I heard challenged that belief.  I listened to the “gurus” talk about going “all in” and “doing what it takes.”

I actually started to believe that the fact that I wanted to spend time with my family (and sleep on occasion) was an indication that I was not as committed to success as the people I was learning from.

I’m grateful to report I found mentors that showed me I could have what I wanted. From there I learned how to succeed on my terms. I now have two thriving business AND spend time with my family AND sleep AND have time for myself. I want the same for you.

Each year I host the Mom Grows A Business Conference to ensure that every woman has space to learn and grow a business in a way that honors her desire to be successful AND a good human being, at the same time. A few years ago I uncovered a report completed by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Research revealed that women entrepreneurs are the future of our economy.

We are launching businesses at 1 ½ times the rate of men and we already control 90% of the household spending. But … and this is a big BUT – we are not making more money. We are making significantly less money than male-owned businesses.

The report went on to document why this is the case:

  • Women don’t have proper mentorship
  • We don’t charge what we are worth
  • We don’t invest in our businesses

The Mom Grows A Business Conference is designed to change that. I spend all year hand picking speakers that have created success while raising a family so that when you attend this conference you are learning from someone that understands your unique struggles. That is true mentorship.

Every other aspect of the conference, from locale to the content, is designed to support your growth, whether it is acquiring the conviction to charge what you are worth or investing in yourself and you business with confidence.

I believe in the power of women entrepreneurs to shape this economy. I believe in your power to create a better world. You deserve support getting there and I’m doing my part to make that happen.

If you would love to learn more about the Mom Grows A Business Conference and how we can support you Step inside to discover more about this landmark event.

With love,