Are You My Personal Brand?

Are You My Personal Brand?





Written by:  Lisa Hufford

Helping people discover their person brand is what drives me. One question people often ask during this process is, “How will I know what my personal brand is?”

One of the biggest indicators is when you identify the “magical things” people keep asking you to do more of – and that lead them to tell others about you.


 When I started Simplicity, I was consulting on my own. But I quickly became known as an “expert” for full-time professionals who wanted to transition to consulting work. I began coaching people on how to gain clarity on what they want and go after it. Word of my expertise spread as more people asked for help and told others about my approach. My personal brand as a coach was defined.



We all have unique gifts. The key to true happiness is identifying and owning them. In both your professional and personal lives, what do people seek you out for? Where do people tell you that you’ve made a difference? Listen for these clues. Your personal brand is closer than you think.


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